Alpha & Delta D6 Now on Massdrop!

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    Alpha & Delta D6 now on Massdrop!- Link


    3 years warranty
    8 core silver plated copper cable
    Custom tuned 10mm dynamic driver

    "The D6 is a detailed bright sounding iem that has a good mastery at the top end. Not only does it has finesse in its treble presentation, its bass note has a very good impact which helps to raise the overall dynamics. Coupled with a 8 core cable and a spring loaded design for the jack’s strain relief, the D6 has a combination of excellent build design and engaging sound signature." by Audio123. Full review here

    "The D6 impresses not only with its clarity and detail but also with soundstage and imaging. Anyone looking for something more balanced and less V-shaped than the typical offerings in the $100 range should take a look at the Alpha & Delta D6. It offers a solid build and great sound and comes with a very impressive 3-year warranty." by Crabdog. Full review here

    Alpha & Delta D6 now on Massdrop!- Link
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