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Alpha & Delta D3 now on Massdrop!

  1. Alpha & Delta
    Alpha & Delta D3 now on Massdrop!- Link

    Usual Price: USD 35.00
    Massdrop Price: USD 24.99


    Attractive Die cast Metal Housing
    Custom tuned 6mm micro dynamic driver
    Balanced Sound signature with a hint of warmth
    4 core silver plated copper braided cable
    Can be worn both over the ear and straight down


    "The D3 is a balanced sounding iem with a nice tinge of warmth. It is able to display good bass texture but does not fare as well for its treble. There is a great overall smoothness and it is fatigue-free. In addition, it comes with a nice braided cable and the iem is constructed well. The D3 looks great and brings with it a smooth sound." by Audio123 Full review here

    The D3 is an absolute steal. For such a tiny amount of money, you get a bass cannon that still articulates itself decently, a rarity in even the audiophile market. The D3’s solid build quality, good warranty, great accessory package, and alluring visual design solidify it as one of my favorite budget IEMs, and certainly my favorite IEM at this price-point. If you’re a bass-head with an extra $30 to drop, I heavily recommend you check out the D3. It’s a winner all around."by Aaron Full review here

    Alpha & Delta D3 now on Massdrop!- Link
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