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Dec 11, 2006
Been looking through the DIY Cable gallery and I am inspired to make something. I need a 1/4" to 3.5 mM adapter... I am using Neutrik plugs and 26 AWG solid silver in PTFE insulated wire. I was planning on just doing a braid with no techflex or other covering, cept some heatshrink at the male plug end.

Here is the question. I noticed that a lot of people are doing 5 wire braids, with 2 wires for each channel and 1 for ground. That seems very unbalanced to me, since ground is common for all the other wires. What would you guys suggest for this kind of use and for the guage wire I have? Any suggestions on a specific braid that would work well for that use as well? I am interested in flat or round braids, I think they all look good.

Thanks guys.

PSST.... Anyone else is of course welcome to comment as well and anything you say will be greatly appreciated!
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Use a four wire braid. 2 wires for ground and 1 for each channel. Check my sig for the braiding tutorial and use the "round" braid. With each opposite wire for channel and ground. I have tried many different ways and this seem to be giving the best results, IMHO. Any of the round braids shoudlb e fine I haven't found a difference between them.

Hoep it helps


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