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Absolute must try tweak to greatly improve the performance of your audio system!

Aside the digital scale I used for measuring, this tweak has nothing to do with Aliexpress. But the tweak is so good, inexpensive and easy to implement I wanted to make sure you guys are aware of it. I posted the tweak on the DIY Ground Box thread and will include a link to the complete DIY. There is no retail solution available that I am aware of and have never heard of anyone doing what is in the DIY.

The tweak is to systematically absorb EMI from your AC line home wiring. The performance gains are outstanding, well beyond replacing cables or even what a high end AC line conditioner can provide. For about $20 for materials! The DIY also explains how to tune your system tonally, presentation weight and bass slam. This DIY tweak will make your system more resolving.

Link to complete DIY:
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Adding to my post above - all of my components including ground boxes already have various types of shock absorption footing, so unsure if adding more underneath the ground box table would help or not. However footing underneath my main rig table may not work, being that the table happens to be very tightly wedged between the wall and a shelf. It's tight-fitting like a sardine, and there is literally less -0 free space on the sides unless I cut a hole in the wall. So, assuming the force on the sides of the table may negate any effect of having footing underneath.
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I need a good quality usb cable, can anyone recommend a good one from AliExpress?
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I need a good quality usb cable, can anyone recommend a good one from AliExpress?
I like the cables from xangsane. Their 4n silver cable is good for the price
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I have had the immense pleasure of outfitting my entire DC cable path with the handcrafted works of Darren Chan in Singapore. I've been on your same route trying the biggest and best from Ghent Audio and others, but Darren's DC cables (also headphone and RCA cables) never fail to deliver an impeccable and linear sound with zero faults. Here was a recent DC cable I got with special terminations, and his design which is KYAN (Starquad Mod).

It costs only about $108, fast shipping and looks even better than the photos. You can contact Darren Chan from his website:

It consistently bests all of these that came before it:​

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