Alessandro MS1 vs. Grado SR125
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Jan 28, 2005
I have been doing a lot of reading of threads here, and I am potentially interested in picking up the Alessandro MS1 to use with my ipod. I am coming from a Sennheiser PX100 and looking for an upgrade (unamped).

A friend at work has the Grado SR125s. I am listening to them right now. I was just listening to Hey Jude, and at the early parts of the song, the tambourine sounds louder (more forward) than the guitars. It sounds pretty harsh actually. Would this sonic signature be tamed into neutrality with the Alessandro MS1? I know from reading posts, that it tames brightness and makes it more neutral, but is this the sort of difference I could expect? If it just lessened the brightness and edge, then perhaps I am not a Grado guy. If it pulls it into its place, then that is a different story. After listening all morning, I would have to say that the 125 sounds good, but it is slightly fatiguing (either the comfort or the edge...not sure yet).

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