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Alesis StudioDock Pro Audio Dock for iPad - balanced headphone output, hmm

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by severanth, Oct 6, 2011.
  1. Severanth
    Came across this from one of my website perusals.
    Alesis is not a brand I am familiar with, although I understand they are well established in the musician/studio arena's.
    Alesis doesn't go into further detail of what is under the hood.  So I wonder just how the balanced audio output is happening. With the various other connections and uses it isn't a dedicated pure audio route.  
    Anything that goes from digital to balanced output is worthy of investigation to me and thought some others might enjoy having a look.
    c&p of bullet point;
    Alesis StudioDock Pro Audio Dock for iPad features:

    1. The world’s first pro audio dock for iPad (NOT INCLUDED)
    2. Connect microphones and instruments including guitar, studio monitors, PA speakers, headphones, and MIDI controllers
    3. Universal device works with virtually every audio and MIDI app in the App Store; Core MIDI compliant
    4. Perform, craft, create and play back music in virtually any conceivable manner or location
    5. Video output for connection to TVs and projectors
    6. Inputs: two combo XLR-1/4" for use with audio gear, instruments, and computer audio
    7. Input channel gain controls and switchable phantom power for use with condenser microphones
    8. Guitar-direct switch for use with amplifier- and effects-modeling app
    9. Outputs: pair 1/4" and 1/4" headphone with separate volume controls
    10. Control: MIDI In, MIDI Out, USB MIDI, and assignable 1/4-inch footswitch input
    11. Package includes: StudioDock docking station for iPad, Power supply, Quick start guide

  2. cifani090
  3. qusp Contributor
    where does it mention balanced headphone out? the hp outs are on 1/4" phono and although i have occasionally seen the odd balanced line connected this way, it is unheard of ffor headphones and they would be relying on people to either recable their own, or buy perhaps buy a cable from them for the limited range of headphones that have a removable cable. alesis do indeed have good studio lineage and its an interesting move, but the specs are pretty unclear regarding the balanced hp out.
  4. Severanth
    Have a look at the website. They confirm balanced out. There are a couple of reviews and a bunch posts on one of the websites.

    It's the combo XLR-1/4" not sure if XLR is output but they say the dual 1/4" is balanced out. Can a combo connector be two separate things? I do not know.

    I see another adapter in my future.
  5. qusp Contributor
    no they dont, on the product page they confirm balanced XLR/phono combo line/mic INPUTS and 'balanced' LINE OUTs on 1/4" phono, the headphone out is single ended on a single standard 1/4" phono jack. its still pretty cool and would team up with a balanced portable amp, or a dac/amp via usb pretty nicely for a killer transportable rig with better spec than either CLAS or fostex. yes you can have a combo jack, theyde be neutrik, but they are not outputs
  6. qusp Contributor
    pity, it actually doesnt seem to have any optical or coax digital out, hopefully the usb works as an output
  7. Severanth
    was basing my reply on the faq

    Are the iO Dock's ¼” inputs and outputs balanced?

    Yes, the iO Dock's ¼” inputs and outputs are balanced, TRS connectors.
    and this comment in the gear junkies review comments:
    27/07/2011 17:50
    Hi everyone. Alesis here. The 1/4\" output connectors are indeed balanced TRS
     hope that helps. 
  8. donunus
    yah those are balanced outputs, not balanced headphone jacks

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