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AKS DAC1305P — Swiss-made small DAC/amp

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by cleg, Oct 17, 2017.
  1. cleg
    I've recently found this really interesting company from Switzerland: https://www.aks-audio.com
    They're mainly making big tube amps for speakers, but they have two interesting projects for Head-Fi enthusiasts. Desktop DAC/amp combo built with AD1851 and portable DAC/amp using classical Philips TDA1305

    I've tried the recent model and I'm pretty impressed. It's really small, but it's using LT1886 as amp, giving ±4V voltage swing and about 300mA of current, plenty of driving power.
    It supports only 44.1 and 48 kHz 16 bits, but it works with almost any device supporting USB Audio Class 1
    And the best thing here — it's working for about 8 hours

    As for sound, it's a bit of "vintage" with added punch on lows, smooth musical mids and non-fatiguing treble (think of HiFiMan's 60x, but with improved amp section)

    Second revision got gain switch and is much less noisy, so it's a pretty good option for IEMs too.

    Price is fairly reasonable — $220+shipping

    1-Main Pic.jpg

    More photos:
    2-Top Side.jpg 3-Front Panel.jpg 4-Rear Panel.jpg 5-Again Front.jpg 6-Again Rear.jpg 7-With Noble Kaiser Encore.jpg
  2. kvik
    Looks interesting. I googled the chip, it was used in a number of UK-manufactured CD-players in the late nineties (Naim/Cambridge/Cyrus/Rotel).

    Wonder how the DAC1851HPA sounds. Not many 1851 DACs around. The old Halide Devilsound was NOS, the AKS website doesn’t say if theirs is as well.
  3. napka
    It's NOS.
  4. Wil
    Looks interesting.

    Any idea if one can connect this to an iphone via lighting CCK usb?
  5. napka
    It is possible, but requires a USB hub or a cable with built-in USB hub.
  6. Wil
    Thanks for the reply!

    I was poking around on their website and found this:

    When data micro-USB port is used for playback, DAC1305P doesn’t drain power from connected device.
    Data+charge micro-USB port can be used for audio playback and charge simultaneously.

    If it doesn't drain power while connected, i might be able to get it to work while connected via lighting CCK without a usb hub.. hmmm.
  7. napka

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