AKG K701s a little...eh
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Well I think I've gotten about all the input on this as I'm going to get. Good info/opinions folks. I think the only thing for me to do next is 'upgrade' to a higher-end headphone amp or audio source (hopefully not too much more expensive
) and see if I like the AKGs any better. Maybe just a new soundcard would help, but I like my Audigy 2 ZS just fine. Maybe because I haven't tried anything better

Now I just have to find what amp I'm going to try out next. Picking out/buying a headphone amp is even more of a tough decision than buying headphones. There's tons of different headphone amps out there, all of them I know pretty much nothing about
- Plenty of research to be done. If you have any suggestions on what amp would mesh really well with the AKG K701s, I'd love to hear any advice. Either reply or just PM me. Thanks again all.
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Sorry to renew this thread, but just came across it while searching. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who admires the 701s but doesn't really love them. What to do next?
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Originally Posted by ropeadope /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Maybe I'm just looking for something with a different sound.

I would like to have the K702/701.
If you want to try the Ultrasone Proline 650.
We can exchange your K701 with my PL650.

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Originally Posted by dd051 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
how much money ya have

I guess my question of what to do next has as much to do with whether I still want to go down the path of having a home headphone rig, or whether to just stick to my portable rig.
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The 701s can be kicked in the butt properly configured with source and amp. I still haven't gotten them to sound their best but I have found where they fit in my choices of music. RS-1s party, K701s relax.
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Recently acquired a pair of AKG 701's. Nice phones. They look cool. They sound cool too. I'm still breaking my pair in and find them to be very good. I'm happier with my Grado 325i (my favourite cans), but for classical and jazz, the AKG 701's show some potential. It will be a few months before I can sort myself out with the 701's.

Today in the post, I received a used (pristine) pair of 600 ohm AKG 240's. They sound really good. I like 'em. I may even love them. I compared them to my 701's and found that they had a similar sound (different, but from the same family). I paid around 250 bucks for the 701's and 65 bucks for the 240's. The 240's were a much better buy. I'm glad that I have both, but I could live with the 240's quite happily (especially since I have other phones to fool with). I also have a pair of AKG 271s's which are the polite closed phones that I always wanted so I won't disturb those around me.

Still, the 701's are very nice. I hope that they live up to their potential. Still, I wonder (I am always wondering) if I should have bit on a pair of 501's when I had the chance recently. As I had just purchased the 701's and 240's, I will have to wait until I have enough lolly to buy something else.

I've heard that 300 hours is the break in time for the 701's. I think that you might want to let them break in and then sell them in a few months if you aren't into them. For something refreshingly different, try Grado.
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A little off track, how does the k701 fair with with something like the Meier Cantate?
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Originally Posted by ropeadope /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I just wanted to let you know I picked up on the Pink Floyd reference

It's actually a Thoreau reference, innit?
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I really liked the sound of the AKG K701 for jazz and classical, but they were terribly uncomfortable for me to wear for more than about 30 minutes at a clip. I keep my hair cut very short and that hard-as-nails headband would start to dig into my scalp after a short while. On the comfort scale I thing the Grado RS-1s were about the most comfortable headphone I have ever used.

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To me, the K701 is the best for detailed analytical listening.
The Sennheiser 600/650 are more comfortable imo, and more round/smooth sounding.

But every phone has it's use.
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Let's be fair, whether its comfortable or not is really depneds on the shape of your head. As to the sound, with the right AMP, the k701 provid some of the best sound in the market, and may bests its rivals in almost everyway. But if you want to spend more to play with the cables and staff, HD650 is the choice. K702 might work as well but is less cable-effective.
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I found the K701s to be entirely unsatisfactory. The complete lack of bass makes them thin and boring, while the horrible headband design makes them painful to wear for more than maybe 20 minutes.

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