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AKG K612 Pro electrical wires?

  1. Kenzato
    So i recently ended up with having my right speaker give out, opened i up and soldered back the wire that had fallen off but it fell off again shortly after, only this time the cable had lost a bit of length so it couldent be soldered back without it instantly being ripped off.

    So now im looking to buy electrical wire and replace that entire wire but im pretty clueless in that aspect, does anyone know what king of "Gauge", material and cable i should buy? the cable looks like its a silver or aluminium cable(maybe it fell off from corrosion?) although it might just be coated copper.

    Any help would be great, i attached a picture from a video that shows which cable im talking about CaptureMhm.PNG CaptureMhm.PNG
  2. buke9
    Pretty sure the cable is copper. It might look like it was silver because it was tinned. You tin the tip of a wire you are soldering first . Use a bit of flux and just a bit of solder and it covers the wire that is stripped so it might look silver but pretty sure it is copper.
  3. Kenzato
  4. Kenzato
    I do not believe that is the case this time considering i had to strip the cable after the part fell off and it was the same colour inside aswell
  5. Kenzato
    I am more interested in what gauge size you guys think is needed
  6. buke9
    Well still could be tin coated wire. Haven’t seen that AKG use silver plate but IDK for sure. Most of the wire I’ve seen on headphones is in the 28 to 26 awg range some even smaller.
  7. buke9
    Hard to tell by looking at it as some use thicker insulation than others. Are you going to recable them or just splice the wire?
  8. Kenzato
    Most likely recable since its pretty fragile.
  9. buke9
    Well since you asked gauge your planning on making the cable yourself. Several ways to go with that. A lot of people buy microphone cable and strip it down to the wires and use paracord or texflex or other to wrap it in. You might want to check out the diy section cable questions and comment thread lots of good info there and helpful people with advice.

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