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AKG K495 NC, Martin Logan Mikros 90 are great buy (portable headphones)...

    I just recentely tried Martin Logan Mikros 90, AKG K495 NC and were impressed by there soundquality, built quality and price. Martin Logan Mikros 90 isolate very well and there instruments separation, imaging is noticably great with good punchy bass and detailed mids, highs. The AKG K495NC are also great sounding with nice NC feature and they are very comfortable to wear for long listening sessions.
  2. pataburd
    Yes.  The Mikros 90 are great headphones.  
    If you would like to, please join us on the large Martin Logan Mikros 90 thread and share you experiences with us there.  The discussion right now is about finding an upgrade cable for the Mikros 90.  Can you help us out/advise us in that respect?  We would appreciate your input.
    I am very interested in tracking long-term MLM90 users like yourself, and would welcome further comments about the Mikros 90 in that regard.  Are you still using/enjoying the Mikros 90?

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