AKG 391 vs AT ATH-ANC33IS vs Sony XBA-1
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Justice Strike

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Jan 25, 2008
I'm on the fence between these three earbuds. I was looking for noise cancelation for on the flights, but i'm also willing to consider the Sony XBA-1. They are all more or less in the same price range (akg & audio technica being around the $70 and the Sony's being 45 usd)
I have a bit of a love for sony equipment. I've never been let down by the quality of there premium stuff. Although, at the moment, they just don't have any viable that is noise cancelling, hence why I'm straying away to AKG and AT.
I'm open to other options, though, especially in the same price range. Headphones are not an option, I already have my trusty MDR-1RBT and PFR-V1 which both have served me well (I like the PFR sound more, but the MDR is also very very good and just alot more practical in daily life)

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