AK Ripper MKII - Why?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by reginalb, Oct 31, 2017.
  1. reginalb
    So, I got a marketing email from A&K today, and I just have to ask why? I mean, I've long been convinced they don't actually know a lot about audio over there (AK100 launches with insane output impedance that they advertise as a good thing, because that's what real speaker amps have!)

    This one is, to me, another missed opportunity. Listen, I'm not a huge Hi-res proponent, but with DVD-Audio, Blu-Ray Pure Audio, and very limited SACD ripping options, this thing could be the one stop shop to pull everything that you could ever want. Anyone who has ripped any of those guys knows what a pain the butt it is - even Blu-Ray, which is just high bit-rate PCM, I have to split the tracks and insert metadata myself, given how many songs they can put on to those guys that's not what I would call convenient.

    My process is literally: Throw it in the drive, use Make MKV to pull the data, convert to FLAC with foobar (I know that Make MKV can do it directly now, but I've not had great luck with the process), then go through, change file names, and edit the meta data for album info in bulk (artist, album artist, album art, release year, etc.) then go through one by one to add track name and number to each of the files.

    Some of this could really be alleviated by A&K, and given that they're asking $400 for something that my PC can just do (and likely do a better job of) I just don't see the point. Am I crazy here?

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