AIM conversation with non head-fier
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Headphoneus Supremus
Nov 19, 2005
I"m dejemibarca, my brother is Daniel. he knows what head fi is, and he is a fann of sennheiser-has my EH150s and his own PX100s at the moment. few days ago i convinced him to get the Ultimate Ears Super fi 5 pro. but this is today:

danielm5486: huh?
danielm5486: i'm on the first paragraph
dejemibarca: when is it due?
danielm5486: tomorrow, no specified time
danielm5486: email it tomorrow
danielm5486: but i'm not spending all day tomorrow on it, i have tons of other work to do.
dejemibarca: so, you are doing it now?
danielm5486: sorta,
danielm5486: and playing pinball
dejemibarca: i'm crusing head-fi, i got a mid term tomorrow (Meant surfing head-fi)
danielm5486: you should but not for that
danielm5486: for your addiction to sound
danielm5486: all that most money
dejemibarca: please make sense
danielm5486: and all that LOST money
danielm5486: typo
danielm5486: sell the grados
danielm5486: and i guess the PX100, since you dont need them.
dejemibarca: i'd loose money on the grados, only the senn can i pick up a couple of bucks, but i'm not selling that! it's my top can and i'm building my rig(music system) around it... did i tell you i got an upgraded cord for it?
danielm5486: the PX100?
danielm5486: of the big ones?
danielm5486: i can't beleive you got them and almost never used them!
danielm5486: grrr!
danielm5486: stupid move!
danielm5486: what were you thinking!
dejemibarca: everyone said they were great, and they were, i used them almost every day, until i got the little earphones
danielm5486: that was not smart
danielm5486: don't upgrade constantly, save money and only upgrade when you are sure to use them for at least a year before wanting another upgrad
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Headphoneus Supremus
Nov 19, 2005
the conversation got weirder and weirder just now. i slowly revealed how much i was acutually into this, how much i knew about different amps, souces and headphones. after that he was like "WHO ARE YOU???" (and this is my twin bro). i tried to explain, but he keep like WHO ARE YOU?, and i tried and i tried. i guess that pic in the "Curse you head-fi" thread, the one with the girl walking in and seein the guy on the snowboard in the room and saying "What," is what just happened.
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100+ Head-Fier
Dec 31, 2003
hehe... kinda like me:

me: yay! my headphones came!!!
<anyone on my buddy list>: another one???!!!!
<anyone on my buddy list>: so HOW many headphones have you gone through now??????!!!!!!
me: uh... i lost count. hold on a sec...
(dead silence for about 2 minutes)
me: 7 in the past couple years? something like that. i coulda forgotten one or two
(dead silence for about 10 minutes)

i guess they just wouldn't talk to me anymore. shock? disgust? i don't know...

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