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Agptek c2 review

  1. vixen0423
    Please have a review of the agptek c2.or is has someone tried it?
  2. antdroid
    I just bought it and received it today. Wanted to try it out for a trip I am going on next week. I'm used to more expensive DAPs but this one is actually not bad! The UI is pretty easy to use and responsive. The display is a lot better than I expected. Buttons respond well. Feels good. The amp on it has plenty of power for my Unique Melody ME.1 and Campfire Comet. I'm only using ~7-10 on volume of 31 (weird number to end on?).

    Very limited use, but sound quality is acceptable. EQ options are limited. It has a bunch of presets but nothing you can customize as far as I can tell. The FM radio function works pretty well.

    Album art is weird. Some albums show up and some dont.
  3. vixen0423
    Thank you, im planning to buy it.

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