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Age and the audio journey

  1. estreeter
    Hi All,

    When a certain engineer started making waves re the markup on audio gear, one of his biggest gripes was that men who were well past 50 were making calls on some very expensive audio gear despite the fact that they couldnt possibly still hear many of the frequencies a CD is capable of reproducing, At 60, I wasnt thrilled to confirm that I can no longer hear anything above 15KHz, at least per this test.

    I did OK at the other end - 40Hz - and there are about a billion sounds I wish I could *not* hear on a daily basis (more specifically, I wish I could ignore them) but its clear that age is taking its inevitable toll. Given that the few reviewers still fortunate enough to be paid for written reviews at Stereophile and TAS are will into their 60s and in some cases, 70s, I suspect that our engineer friend has a point. We can argue about 'golden ears' and the value of experience, but if I cant hear something in the mix how can I be expected to comment on it ??

    As always, sane feedback welcome. I'm sure there are much better means of evaluating one's hearing than a random vid from YT but I've had similar results with other sound tests :and I can hear every other effect per the narration FWIW, I'm using a Fiio Q1-II into ATH-WS1100is 'phones. I guess I should be happy that I'm not at the 'WWII Artillery Veteran' level but all things come to those who wait - enjoy the music :wink:


  2. estreeter
    I would add that one of the weirdest sensations in that test is the way my hearing just cuts out at 15kHz even though the numbers keep climbing : it didn't feel so bad in the bass test but that might simply have been my amp : I'll leave that to the engineers.
  3. wink
    The better the treble response, the better the test........

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