After 3 years, anything come out to contest Superlux HD668B around the <60$ range?
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Jan 10, 2014
The Superlux HD668B's were pretty famous around here 3 years ago for being such low price for such high quality, and they still are ... 38$ for something that puts most headphones to shame. I bought them at that time and fell in love. I've spread that love too - buying them for my girlfriend and suggesting them to friends, who bought it for themselves. It's been three years though, and I have NOT- I repeat, NOT taken good care of them (Ie. have used them to sort of lasso objects like kleenex boxes far away), so while they are totally still fine for use, I occasionally need to adjust the wire, for the current gets disconnected to the right ear sometimes. It's not a big deal, but they may be nearing the end of their (shortened) life.
I have been keeping an eye on Amazon for anything similar to the Superlux HD668B. I looked into Superlux HD681, but found they're really just a somewhat lower accuracy version of the 668B for a lower price. Also researched the Samson SR850, which just appear to be a poor attempt of a 668B copycat. I checked out a few others in preparation for an in-class speech I gave on the Superlux HD668B's, but found nothing that seemed more worthwhile. However, there were major limits to my research, and I want to consult head-fi.
What is my current HQ system?
  • Superlux HD668B
  • Sansa Clip+ Mp3 player (heavily modified)
  • Fiio E5 Amplifier
  • 6 sided audio splitter/mixer
  • Koss KSC75 headphones - for comfortable on the go listening with high quality. It has only slightly worse sound intricacy than the Superlux HD668B @15$, but wires get tangled and it has no noise isolation. 
  • A decent enough sound card - not like I only use the mp3 player.
The Sansa Clip+ is an amazing mp3 player. I loaded the Rockbox operating system onto it, an almost necessary modification. I also am using a 128GB micro sd card for it, which normally cannot be done but can if converted to FAT32 file format. I used a program to do this task without placing a cap on the storage:
As for the amp, the Superlux HD668B has fairly low resistance on the cups (2 x 56 ohms), so I have rarely ever truly needed it. I've normally used it just to extend battery life of the mp3 player (you put the mp3 below listening volume then use amp to bring it to listening volume). I have had to use the amp in conjunction with the mixer though, when I was mixing audio from my wii u gamepad and my mp3 player.
Personal preferences:
  1. Accuracy is most important. I want to hear it as it was recorded.
  2. I like some noise isolation. More is better, if the quality is maintained, unless it makes me sweaty.
  3. 60$ or lower
Am I best going with the Superlux HD668B again, or is there something else you have in mind. Please let me know!
*I will keep better care of my next pair

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