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African Guitar Summit

Discussion in 'Music' started by omedon, Mar 14, 2006.
  1. omedon
    Did anybody happen to catch the African Guitar Summit II on CBC's Onstage this weekend?

    Absolutely astounding beautiful amazing music. Apparently there will be a CD released of the concert and there has already been a CD released of African Guitar Summit I which I will buy right away and am hoping is even half as good.

    Here are the artists that performed.

    Kofi Ackah
    Theo Yaw Boakye
    Naby Camara
    Alpha Yaya Diallo
    Pa Joe
    Mighty Popo
    Donné Roberts
    Madagascar Slim
    Adam Solomon

    you can find more info on the show and artists here.
  2. musicmind
    Thanks for that info

    I dont know if he was also involved in the concert, but you might also want to check out Jimmy Dludlu, a South African jazz guitarist.


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