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Jul 29, 2009

I'm trying to decide between the new Denon AH-C710 and the Victor FX500s, can anyone help?

I currently own the Denon AH-C551s and really like them, so I feel like I would not be disappointed by the new Denon earphones. I really do like the sound and kind of feel a bit of brand loyalty towards Denon because they've been excellent since I got them a while back. (Surprised to see how cheap this model is now actually, I paid £70 for them.)

I especially like the build quality of the C551. I had a couple of sets of V-Moda Vibe earphones break before I got the C551s, so I am a bit concerned that if I got the FX500s from Japan, if there's a problem, it would be difficult to get it sorted. Whereas I can get the C710s posted within the UK with next day delivery for £80.

I mainly listen to electronic music (electronica, IDM, techno, house etc.) so bass is a factor as is clarity and precision.

I'm leaning towards the C710s at the moment - Am I completely in the wrong here, should I get the Victor FX500 earphones instead?

Sorry for another comparison thread, I'm sure you're all sick of them!

Edit - Another thing that concerns me about the FX500s is that I will be using an iPod Classic, and from the FX500 thread I gather that it the sound quality is quite dependant on which device you are using.
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I think FX500 is superior in term of sound quality because it reviewed here and compared to IE8. It's bass goes deep n reverb which very few IEMs can acheive. Victor FX soundstage is also bigger n well define with different instruments sounds more natural n clear. So overall it must be better than denon n for Better synergy you can use SRS WOW adpter through line out.
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^^ so you havent heard the denons then?? thats pretty categorical for someone who hasnt heard them. you are probably right (I havent heard the victors) I quite like the clean bass produced by the denons, perhaps not as warm and 'natural' as the victors are purported to be, but I think more to my taste. I have heard the IE8 and found them overtly bassy and not at all natural to these ears; so this comparison to the senns does not make me want to try them. all of this is a little superfluous to me now anyway, since I will be receiving JH|13 customs in a week or so. I think my portable journey may be at an end for a while at least
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Emphasised treble n bass - the so-called 'smile' freq response. 500's certainly have a bright treble and deep bass.
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I see. Thanks.

Does anyone who has heard the C551s know if the C710s are a considerable upgrade?

I'm reluctant to order the FX500s because of them being in Japan and if there are issues it's gonna be difficult to sort out.

I think i'll probably go for the Denons. Otherwise i'll be indecisive forever.
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Ok. I've gone for the Denons for £80.99 inc. next day delivery.

If i'm not pleased I'll take advantage of the 7 day return policy and send them back and order the FX500s but I'm sure they will be good.


I got AdvancedMP3players to 'price beat' who have them listed as 'usually in stock' for £80, their delivery is stated as up to 10 days and I think they are actually out of stock at the moment although their site states otherwise.

Worth an email to Advancemp3players!
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Congrats. Hope you like em. Let us know what you think...

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