Advice on new gear acquisitions?
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Lucas Meyer

New Head-Fier
Oct 6, 2015
Hey all!
 I would like some extra adive on some new purchases i am planing and would love to hear your recomendations!
My target is a new, immersive experience. 
 I got my self the best headphones i could that could give me a nice instrument separation, and imaging you know, i like the perception of the distance between the instruments, how far they are. Some of you call that soundstage. But, i started missing some fun that i had even with my senheiser cx400s earbuds, that are now even that bassy or impactful, but it was still, in MOST cases more entertaining. not more interesting but more entertaining, fun.
 So, i am planing a new purchase but now aiming new areas. As i did some research, i discovered some possibilities, remembering that what i seek is a nice impactful bass, without supressing or sacrificing other frequencies, still able to give me some critical listening, good soundstage, depth perception or imaging. But not "monitor" precise and critical about treble. i could go on and on on this son in short, here my ideas go...
Option 1:
My PC  ->  A desk or portable amp (the best sounding up to 200 usd)  ->  Beyerdynamic dt 990 
Option 2:
My PC  ->  A desk or portable amp (the best sounding up to 200 usd)  ->  JVC ha-sz2000 
Option 3:
My PC  ->  (some IEMs) Sony xb90ex / Velodyne Vpulse (with or without amping)
These options are different, i know but, i would like your thoughts on these, both between  an amp that would work best with these cans or the cans themselves, i just want the best experience for my taste (bass detail and quantity, clarity, soundstage..). Feel free to make my mind!!
P.S.: the amps i thought would be like a Schiit Vali or aune x1... if you think i should invest more on the amps to decently achieve my goals feel free to say!

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