Advice on DAC/AMPLY combo for Sehnn HD 600
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New Head-Fier
Nov 23, 2008
Hello everybody, this is my first post.

My actual system is composed by Linn Sondek LP12 turntable, Exposure XXII CD player, Exposure VI (2) pre power supply, Exposure VII pre-amp, Exposure XVIII super power amp, Totem Model 1 loudspeakes. This to describe the kind of sound I like.

I am totally new to the headphones DAC and headphone amplifiers world.

My only pair of headphones are a pair of Senn PX100 which I find too much veiled in the mid/high and bit "slow", while bass is deep and solid.

I am aiming to build a second PC-based system which I would listen to only through headphones.

I have read good comments on the HD600, while HD650 seem too much bass oriented. AKG 701 seem very good performers also. I have the chance to listen to the 600s only.

About the DAC/Headphones ampli: before entering the big bucks scene I would like to experiment with somewhat "budget". I mean no absolute low-end but something that could be defined as the minimum step for real hi-fi and would not require upgrade after two minutes.

My budget is set around 250/300 Euros (headphones excluded). I could go for either an integrated DAC/Ampli unit or separate units as well.

From forum posts, it seem the Darkvoice 336i is one of the best performers (for my budget) and a very good HD600 companion too.

For minimalist sake I would not disregard DAC/AMP combos.

I would appreciate your suggestions and comments on both headphones and DAC / Amp units.

Thanks for your help and excuse me for my Egnlish, I am from Italy.

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