Advice for Bluetooth & Noise Cancelling headphones
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New Head-Fier
May 6, 2015
Hi there,
I am hoping for some advice for a replacement set of headphones after my Sennheiser MM 450 X have packed up.
I would like both bluetooth (very useful when jogging - no cables) & noise cancelling (a fair amount of Aircraft travel).
The Sennheiser weren't too bad for me, though did seem a little on the quiet side when a full volume.
I guess i was hoping for a maximum price of maybe £200, but perhaps I'll need to go higher.
Does anyone have any advice?
Many Thanks.
I should add, that I am no expert, 
Would I most likely be ok without Noise cancelling on a plane? I mean, if I simply increased the volume, maybe that would suffice?

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