Advice for a friend on some IEMs £50-£80
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Oct 21, 2002
Hi All,

A friend of mine is looking to get some new headphones.

He's not after anything particularly fancy, but is after the best he can get for what he's after.

The source is a 1st gen iPod Nano, he won't be using any headphone amp.

He's looking torwards a portable headphone which won't bother people around him. It's preferable he doesn't look like a professional DJ whilst he's sat at his desk in work too.

So, we're thinking IEMs. He has quite big ear holes so we need ones come with the appropriate tips.

The price bracket we're looking at is £50-£80 and there's really no stretching the budget here.

What do you think folks? I'm not up to speed as to what's around these days. I'm loving my Shure SE530's but that's definitely out of the price bracket.

Look forward to hearing from you!
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Oops - looks like I put this in the wrong forum. Any chance an admin could move this?

In terms of isolation I think he's after blocking of his surroundings (at an office rumble level) and also not disturbing colleagues - previously he's had issues with people complaining of the hissing sounds coming out of his older headphones (just your typical iPod headphones) so doesn't really want it to be evident at an audio level to people around him that he's listening to music.

Regarding sound signature, he listens to a variety of music and dislikes trebly sounding headphones.
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klipsch custom 2

particularly with olives on its super comfy, isolates a ton, no way will his colleagues hear it. he could blow his ear drums out and they still probably wouldnt hear a thing. not the best cable in the world but for sat a desk that not an issue.

a nice warm sound with nice mids and some good guality bass but it not very abundnat or sharp in the treble department but since thats what hes after, bonus.

google mymemory they selling £57 ish or i believe can get via amazon uk too from them

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