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Advertisement at top of window keeps shifting

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by wind016, Nov 20, 2011.
  1. wind016
    The advertisement keeps moving down blocking the "WIKI" and "MY PROFILE" tabs. I noticed at first on my iPhone but my Firefox browser does that too.
  2. Merck
    This happens with Google Chrome sometimes too.  Moderately annoying.
  3. joe Administrator
    This issue is currently being looked at.  Thanks for reporting it.
  4. wind016
    Just FYI, the bottom and side advertisements are moving too.
    ad.png ad2.png
  5. Merck
    I do believe it has been remedied. 
  6. wind016
    It seems like it's happening less but it just happened to me again just now.
  7. joe Administrator
    If you guys can screenshot or note what ad is showing when it occurs, it would be appreciated.  It would be helpful for the tech guys to track it down easier.
  8. wind016


    Here we go. Just snapped it just now.
  9. joe Administrator
    Thanks wind016.
  10. JamesMcProgger
    Not quite the same problem but I have a pop up windows coming down form top and positioning in the middle of the screen, it has happened me twice this week, not sure if its normal.
  11. joe Administrator
    JamesMcProgger, thanks for the information. 
  12. Eee Pee
    I think if you let the page load everything first, the OP's issue doesn't happen.  Otherwise for me using Safari it will if I start to scroll before it's loaded.  
    Also this site crashes safari on my iPod touch a lot.  Major bogs too, newest iOS.  
  13. wind016
    Just wanted to remind the moderators that the problem is still not fixed.
  14. joe Administrator
    Although we're still doing some testing, this issue should now be fixed.  
    If it's still persisting, please log out, clear your cache, and restart your browser.  If after that you still see it, please let me know.

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