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Adding an tube amp to my set-up

  1. sixly
    Because of my living situation (***t* apartment with walls made of spit and paper) I rely on my laptop and subscription to Google Music/YouTube Red to listen to music.  Right now I have a whatever OEM soundcard that came with my laptop as the source going to a JDS Labs O2 Objective Amp/ODAC and a new pair of the first gen Beyerdynamic Tesla T1s.  I was wondering about what I'd lose/gain by adding a decent tube amp between the headphones and ODAC.  I'm assuming that's the way one would do that.  Also, is there a program for Windows 10 that does a worthy job as a graphic eq?  It would have to be some sort of utility since unfortunately Google Music does not have one built in.
  2. MindsMirror
    Your laptop's sound card doesn't come into the equation, it is bypassed by the ODAC.
    Is your O2/ODAC one complete unit, or two seperate ones? If it's one unit, I think you would have to chain the two amps together to use a tube amp with it. That would still work and give you the tube sound, if that's what you're after.
    Try Equalizer APO. It applies parametric EQ settings to all Windows sound. You can get the Peace GUI so that it can be used as a graphic EQ also. There might be other GUI options but I have only tried Peace.
  3. sixly
    It's a complete unit and yeah; going from HD-600s to the Tesla's has left me missing a bit of warmth in the sound.  Like the Beyers more but that's cool to know.  Thanks for the software tips I'll check them both out.

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