ad700 highs with dt770 bass? is it out there?
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Ok I have both the AT AD700s and the Beyer dt770 pro 80s. I got the Ad700s first and there great, except the bass, or lack thereof, just didn't do it for me. Sooo.. I got a set of the dt770 pros, everyone said there bass monsters, yup I love the bass these thing put out. I was listening to them today and switched them out for the ad700s because the particular song I was listening to had good highs. the dt700s sound a bit muddy with the highs or they get a bit muddled. I put on the ad700s and the highs were great and the stage. are there any phones that pull of both the great highs and lows?? obvoiusly something that doesnt cost an insane amount of money, just kinda wondering, something to look forward to.

what would amping the dt770s do, as I plan on doing this eventually? Just as soon as I can get somewhere that has the parts I need.
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On my behalf I recommend Ultrasone HFI-780. Really nice bass punch and good highs. Better highs compared to ATH-AD700 which I own too. Good isolation too. Can't hear my phone ringing under my nose.
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denon ahd2000 is what you want
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I still want to throw an amp on the DT770s. Will that clean them up a bit? I was going to try the tackle a starving student at some point.

Yes Amping is very important, I own Dt770's myself and can tell you, use solid state Amp rather than tube. Tube Amps with these phones cannot tame the sometimes 'bloaty' bass, like a solid state Amp.
Get some clear gel pads, recable and dampen mod will vasyley improve the hp's sonic abilities also.
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I was thinking those maybe.

While the D2/5/7K won't provide quite the magnitude of bass of the 770, it's a much more refined, well-balanced, and "neutral" phone. The "neutral" here is very relative because it clearly has exaggerated bass, but with the Denons the mid scoop and bass bloat is not as large as with the 770's. The highs aren't quite as good as some higher end phones (K701, HD800...) but for basshead phones, they're very competent. I think the only area where they may be weak is the mids where they're still better than the 770's.
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Try some 2005 Dt990s I just got them and I think they are fantastic. Similar to the D2000s but more detailed from top to bottom and more open sounding. On sale at B&H for $180.
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I would agree with your assessment, however I think he'll achieve his desire more with some modding done to the Denons.

Yes, the only risk of modding is the increased bass control/reduced bloat can make the treble stand out. I think most probably prefer the modded version, but hearing them in person would be a good idea.
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x3 on the Ultrasones, especially the HFI-780.
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What about the new Shure SRH840's? From what I've read they seem to put out a lot of sound, plenty of bass, pretty clear mids and hi's...I'm torn between the Shure's and the Denon AH-D2000's in a similar situation as the op. I want better mids and hi's, but want my bass too. I might take a look at those Ultrasone's too, but I'm more curious if anyone thinks the Shure 840's might be a decent suggestion in this topic?

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