Acquiring an Amp soon - What to expect?
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Feb 21, 2006
I plan on purchasing a RSA Hornet as soon as I can scrape together enough coin. It has the portability and features that I want, and although it is more than I wanted to spend, I think I will get what I pay for - super small, high-quality headphone amp with a 3-year warranty from a company in the US.

Anyway, if you check my sig, you can see the phones I own. What kinds of improvement do you think I'll experience with the Hornet with my DT 770, E4c, and my KSC-75?

Is it unrealistic to expect the following:

E4c - slight boost and tightening of the bass

DT 770/80 Pro - tighter bass and improved mids

KSC-75 - a little more of what they already provide, but especially improved mid-range clarity

I also realize that I need to burn the Hornet in for a good amount of time, but I plan on listening during the burn-in.

I know lots will depend on my ears, but satisfy my quest for information so that I can hang on until I place my order!!
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Apr 26, 2004
You're not using any kind of an amp right now?
You'll notice a world of difference. I haven't heard the Hornet but I've heard all of Ray's other amps and I know where the Hornet is in the line up. You're going to be amazed.
All of what you outlined and more. More blackness and more airiness. More and tighter bass and crisper highs.
But I'd say that amp is overkill for you headphones. Oh well.

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