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AAW A3HPro Hybrid 3-Way CIEM crazy deals.

  1. datranz
    I have owned jvc fx850, dunu 2k, ortofone eq5, and ma750.  All are good in their own rights, most of these were purhase above $200 with the exception of the ma750.
    I have heard that CIEM will give me superior sound.  I love the DN2K so much.  I hope this HYBRID 3 WAY CIEM (10mm dynamic + 2 BA) will meet my expectations.  If Anyone have any experience this this set, please elaborate.  At the current massdrop pricing of $250.00 with a variety of color and face option,  I don't this value could be beat. 
  2. datranz
    bump!!! Last day of the drop.

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