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Sep 13, 2001
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Sep 13, 2001
I just broke my headphones. My old, faithful, dependable, trusty HD565s (well, except for the intermittent connection in the left earpiece). So said earpiece was getting rather annoying, so I decided to open up my cans and try and see what I could do. I was going off my memory from a thread someone posted on here (although I can't find it now) where he detailed (with pics) how you could open up the headphones, and with a few tools, pop off the element and actually even out the springs that the headphone cable prongs attach to, thereby creating a more consistent and stable connection.

So I take off the earpiece, take off the element, all is going well, and then I space out one of the springs just fine. Bear in mind that these are very small and look quite fragile - particularly the connection between them and the EXTREMELY thin voice coil wire. So moving on to the next one, everthing is going fine until the spring pops out of it's place, and the voice coil breaks off.


So that's my big heartache. I've had these phones for nearly 3 years now, they served as my first true taste of hi-fi and have always been my main listening phones, and now they're dead.

Well, not entirely. I was able to get the spring element back into it's little spot, and although I don't have a soldering iron, my friend does and I suspect all I would need would be a little heat to reattach the voice coil to the spring. Still a delicate process, but in theory it should work.

(Oh, did I mention that the other earpiece produces a clicking sound in loud passages and I discovered that part of the paper inside is pushed in, probably touching the element when it's "excursion" is higher in louder passages. I managed to smooth it out somewhat, but...)
[size=xx-small]This is most likely a sign that I need to find a new main listening phone[/size]
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