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A Thread Covering HP/IEM Stores in Tokyo to Posting of Pictures and Impressions of Tokyo

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  1. Rayzilla
    I will be making my first trip into Japan, Tokyo in this case. I will be there for about a week.

    I have traditionally been interested in headphones only but this time my planned purchase is an IEM (I would consider a CIEM but this trip is too short to complete such a purchase).

    Any suggestions on where to go in Tokyo?
  2. smallcaps
    Yodobashi and BIC camera.
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  3. kdphan
    e-earphone in Akihabara
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  4. pbui44
  5. pbui44
    Also, there is Sony’s Just Ear CIEM company, but you will probably have to Google Translate their page (there is a recent rumor that Just Ear is coming to Sony HK):

  6. Rayzilla
    Thanks for all the tips and links. About to take off now. I'll be staying in Akihabara, so hopefully I can go when the family is resting at the hotel. lol
  7. pbui44
    I wish your family a safe trip and don’t forget to get a solid 8 hours of sleep a night.:laughing:
  8. smallcaps
    Have a good time and share your experience if you get a chance!
  9. pbui44
    ...and pictures, or if didn’t happen. The more, the better. :camera_with_flash:
  10. Rayzilla
    LOL, you guys are funny. You guys asked for it!

    So our arrival was at 5AM. Taxi to the hotel cost about 7000Y. Got to the hotel at 6am. The doors were locked. Called on the intercom. They answered but said that they're not open until 7AM. Asked if we could leave our luggage there. No. So we walked around and went towards a local supermarket. Walked under a bridge to get there. I saw something directly to my right. There was a homeless guy in a cardboard box. Kinda freaked me out at first but I knew he'd be harmless. My wife didn't even notice he was right there. Bought some snacks. Still too early. Walked more while pulling a luggage within a big luggage around until we saw McDonald's. Had breakfast. Back to the hotel at 7AM. Can't check in until 3PM. All four of us are going on almost no sleep so forget about 8 hours. Lol.
    Now sitting at Starbucks at 8:23AM. Bic Camera doors not open until 10AM.
    It's going to be a long day. I'm with a wife and two teenage daughters with very little sleep. Do you guys feel sorry for me yet?
  11. pbui44
    You forgot to get some Kit-Kat.

  12. Signal2Noise
    The Kit Kats are indeed awesome there.

    No. But I feel sorry for the homeless guy. Did you at least give him some of the snacks you bought? Or some nice IEMs? (to keep thread on topic)
  13. pbui44
    Get him an AGPtek solar-powered DAP, a throw-away Micro-SD card with positive music, some VE Monk Plus earbuds...and some Wasabi Kit Kat.:floatsmile:
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  14. willryu
    It is easier to audition headphones at E-earphones than BIC or Yodobashi. If your time is limited I would go there first. That said, Yodobashi is an absolute must visit if you are in Akiba...
  15. Rayzilla
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