A Stanton Dynaphase 60 Project

  1. WallofHooligans
    Another mini update- I've pulled out all of the bits that I intend on replacing. Unfortunately, the capacitor didn't want to come quietly, so I had to cut it's leg off, on both sides. I got a chance to measure the capacitance, and without knowing so beforehand learned that the value of a bipolar cap is half that of what is stated. As far as I understand, a bipolar electrolytic cap is actually just two electrolytic caps sandwiched together- I just didn't expect the uf value to reflect that. ANYWHO, the UNICON caps that were in there measured 28.3ish and 29ish microfarad. Double that and we get a few uf less than 60. The original value is 47, so that's good to know. I plan on replacing these with Nichicon Muse caps from the ES series. I put them above the voltage rating of the base caps (16v) just to make sure that my futuristic stuff doesn't hurt these poor cans from a different era. I'm also planning on bypassing them with a film cap, though I don't fully understand what value I should have picked. Seems like everyone has a different idea. I picked up two different ones to try out- I'll report in on my findings.

    Speaking more outside the point- Why don't they produce little sheets of cones, so you can use the technology for an anechoic chamber on the inside of your headphones? I bet that's worth cutting 100 triangles out of foam to try out for myself :D

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