A shout-out to ALO and Head Direct
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I just had to post how impressed I am with both of these companies. I ordered a cyro dock and minibox e+ last friday and they were both in my mailbox monday morning- freaking amazing CS! (shipping was dirt cheap for both). Oh, and the goods are pretty damn nice too
Thanks to Ken and Fang, thats just how I would run a business!

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Have to agree as well. At least for Ken, as I have no experience with Head Direct.
Bought a Silk Dock from Ken a couple of years back and he were a joy to deal with, and the cable were very well built. Recommended!
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I ordered 22G Cryo mini to mini cable on the last oct '07, and I ask Ken to include it on my iMod box (currently on work by Vinnie Rossi), then after a while I receive it but it's DOA... faulty cable.

I return the unit to Ken, but Ken ASAP send another replacement...
which is later never to be found... (3 weeks later)
Then I ask for second replacement... (another 2-3 weeks later)
Lost again...

I'm done with it, maybe I'm totally unlucky or this is not my luck...
But Ken hasn't lost his faith, and send another cable again...

Then on early Feb '08 I receive the cable...
I was completely put no expectation at all... and then I use the cable for my Xin amp & iMod (finally...), then... OMG
The cable do the justice... it's worth to be wait, either this is a placebo effect or the cable really improve the connection between the unit, but they just sound soo good, and finally my portable setup is complete.
Pros to ALO.
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Gotta get a shout out to Ken and the gang at ALO as well. Superb products...but that would not be enough to keep me. His service has been superb and he obviously cares a lot about his customers.


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