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A Shirt Clip to Get Excited About

  1. slowpickr
    Recently purchased an Oriolus Finschi and it came with a great shirt clip. Did a little digging and found out Penon Audio can get them. I requested 6 from them and they are going to let me know when they come in (they said 2 days). Anyway, the clip is good build quality and the main reason I'm excited about it is, it works well with larger diameter cables.

    Penon doesn't have them on their website yet but they said they are going to list them soon. Don't know what the final price will be. By the way, I've tried to find these on Amazon and eBay but have been unsuccessful. I found one similar one time but it was huge (3 inches or something like that). This one is only an inch (25mm) or so long.

    Shirt Clip.jpg
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  2. slowpickr
  3. Lurk650
    If I order from Penon again I'll have to remember to pick up a pair. I never use shirt clips but these do look great
  4. slowpickr
    I use clips on the go mostly. Helps with microphonics and taking some weight off the ear pieces when wearing cable down.
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