A question about shure's warranty.
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Nov 22, 2008
Hello once more, i know that shure offers a 2 year warranty, but i wanted to know if you could extend the warranty. If not, will the still replace your IEM's if you send them the receipt after the warranty period for some cash? The last day i read that someone had e5c's and he got them replaced after the 2 year warranty for only 100$. I would like to know if that is true because i'm scared that my se530's will die on me after the 2 year warranty period don't d. But i guess unless shure finally decides to manufacture some high grade cables that stiffen and brake after a few months of usage, they will still continuously break if used. And does anyone know how often shure releases new IEM's? Because i'm hopping my shures brake during the warranty period so that they can replace it with new models if they come out. Thanks guys!
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Sep 18, 2008
Im sure it has a high chance that it'll break during it for the old 2007 models. Not sure about the new ones but its much much more improved.

I think the trick is to straight the cable after use, and dont bend it as much for the old models to last. But if u purposefully want to break it and get Warranty... just use it as per normal for couple of hours a day, dont store it in the case and sure do it after couple of month on the old model. (Also wear the cable at the front, not hanging down at the back)

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