A Newbie experince w/shure E5
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Apr 1, 2004
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Apr 1, 2004
This place is evil! i was happy with my sony 71's until i stumbled across this place

Seriously though, this is a great resource for doing your homework prior to spending some hard earned cash.

On to my experience with the e5s.

My first experience wasn't all that great. I wasn't sure how to get them sealed properly. I tried all the different inserts and settled on the tri-flange. My initial impression was they sound pretty good but not $400 good. I decide to soldier on and continue trying to get a better seal. 10 Minutes later boom!, i am blown away. I was using bullet the blue sky by U2 to test. I don't think i'll ever forget how good the song sounded once i got the magic seal. It is truly amazing. This being my first experince with audiophile quaility speakers and i simply was not prepared for how good music could sound. Since then i have been revisiting many of my old favorites to try and discover all the new things that have been hidden from me all these years.

Many thanks to the people on this board who take the time to write reviews and share information.

Once i was blind and now i can see...
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