A Grado story - from hate to love
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May 6, 2007
So I've been avoiding Grado's since I've been into headphones - they were ugly, looked overpriced, ugly, seemed fanboyistic, known to be uncomfortable and ugly. Up to date, I've tried Senns, Beyers, AKGs, EQs and ATs, but only really liked ATH-AD's and DT880.

A few weeks ago, I had found a site that was selling refurbished SR60 for 50$ and citi gave me 20$, in "thank your rewards" to incite me to use a card that has been collecting dust, that I had to use in 5 days - so I figured I'd bite for some 30$ ugly and uncomfortable headphones. If I didn't like them, I could resell them and get my money back.

Wow - I'm impressed. After listing to them, I discovered that they are ugly, unjustifiably uncomfortable, but sound fantastic. So great sounding that I keep them on for 5 minutes or so after they give me a splitting headache from the fit and brightness. They have totally changed the way I listen to music. I now swap back and forth between my SR60 and dt880 as I listen. Plus, they make a fantastic portable phone - they fold down thin and because they look cheap already, I'm not afraid to scratch them. They are muddy and bright, but the sound signature makes up for it.

I like them so much that I'm considering moving up the Grado line and down the dt880ish line!

So, I decided to make a point here too - to anyone who is trying to find a headphone to mix things up, and haven't yet tried Grado's - You should pick up a pair right away!
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im the same, even tho its the number 1 that people have reccomended, its the one i want to try last, the overpricing and the possibility of discomfort worries me

i think it will be hfi 780 then sa5000, then 325i these are the 3 on my to try list
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I have many pairs of headphones that sound good but are not part of my wardrobe. But then again that is not the point of this hobby, is it?
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I can definitely relate to the OP. After fooling around with IEM's for over 2 years, and trying the standard repertoire of Senns/AKGs/Denons, I bought an SR60 and thoroughly enjoyed them. I am now also dangerously contemplating the RS1...
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Originally Posted by lostspyder /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Heh - RS1....

you're going to end up there anyways

Instead of spending money on SR225 and SR325is - go straight for good stuff
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Originally Posted by The Legend /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I can't wait to get a pair of SR225.

Out of curiosity, do they stay incredibly uncomfortable even after dozens of listening hours? Hopefully they break in a little.

My SR60s definitely broke in over time in terms of the headband loosening up and becoming less vise-like.
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Yeah, my SR80s are my "mix it up" phones.
They sound really good with rock of all sorts, and compared to my senns are actually non-fatiguing when listening to metal. I love their up-frontness.

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