A closed design/portable equivalent to the HD595
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Jun 3, 2009
Recently, I purchased a pair of 595s, and I'm liking them quite a bit! I lent them to my father, who enjoyed them extensively and is now interested in purchasing his own pair. However, he needs something a bit more portable, and something that is of closed design.

He's looking for a pair of headphones that he'd be able to listen to in a library, or on a plane, which are the equivalent to a pair of 595's.

I'm pretty new to the hardware side of audio, so the more descriptive you are, the better!

Thanks for your advice, Head-Fi!
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Portable, closed version of 595..honestly I don't think there's one. I always believed closed cans don't match the sound of open designs. Denon might have the best closed cans, but no way they're portable. Plus you need an amp to drive them.

Best choice for your father would be ESW9-10.
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I believe that my headphones, have the same drivers that the HD595 has. Its NC so if hes going on a plane...Man, for me it wasnt a good buy, because i never got any use out of the NC, but if hes travelling alot, they dont leak any noise either. it could be that the drivers are from hd 555, still though, unless he travels quite a heavy bit, id think twice on it. I regret it, but then again i didnt know head fi excisted when i bought it on impulse.

And most denon closed are portable, thats why they come with a 3.5mm and a1/4 inch adapter instead of the opposite. They need a portable amp though.
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Get the Superfi 5 pro. It really is the HD595 in IEM form, together with the poor clarity and the terrible price/performance ratio.

A more serious answer will be the SE530, or maybe the UM2, if you are looking for something warm like a Senn.
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The HD 595 is pretty easy to listen to for long periods and very comfortable to wear.

If he's looking for a nice relaxing sound, smooth, detailed, non fatiguing - the IE8 could well do it.

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