A bit of a dillemma choosing the right headphone amp . . .
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Mar 25, 2005
right now I'm running a fubar II dac to a pot then to my speakers

I'd like to use the dac on some headphones which shouldn't be a problem because my pot has two outputs, but this will leave me with two volume controls (one from the amp and one from the pot itself)

Is there an inexpensive amp ($100 to $200) that does not have a volume control or a has the option to disable it?

I'm not entirely sure which cans I'm going to buy, but as of right now I can't use any headphones unless go directly from my laptop bypassing the dac.
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May 24, 2006
My vintage Marantz 2270 amp has an excellent headphone out and I am able to disable the volume knob as using it just as an amp only with a preamp connected. THe preamp, of course has a volume knob.
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Oct 31, 2007
OK.. I just googled the "NHT PVC PC" in your profile and I get it now...
What you are going to need first is some kind of output switch, 1 input into 2 outputs (or just use a 2 input to 1 output switch backwards) and use one side to drive your speakers, and the other side to drive the headphone amp.

Your best bet would probably be to commission someone to build you a DIY headphone amp without a volume control, since they are typically on the input of the amp, just have it jumpered out..

A couple of options could be:
A pair of JISBOS Buffers (Mister X has done this)
A Dynalo (while the boards are still available, if they are still available)

If you are interested I have a SOHA+JISBOS amp that I am building that I could remove the volume control from, which would be in your price range. It's a pretty nice sounding amp.. (I just sold another one)

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