A/B: 5.5gen iPod / 2nd Gen iPod
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Oct 10, 2006
I got my 2nd gen iPod in the mail yesterday. I was suprised as to how well it's held up, but I have a suspicion that the headphone jack on it was damaged before it could be used (abused?) a lot.

To make a long story short; I cracked it open after an initial listen, and started trying to repair solder pads, and rerun the traces to the jack. After about an hour or so on the soldering bench, it had new silver traces from the output caps to the jack.

After comparing it to my BFN 80GB 5.5gen, I realized that it has more bass at the same volume levels. The sound seems clearer and cleaner as well. It sounds like it is truly happening in front of you, as opposed to coming through wires. This is all un-amped to my Super.fi 5 pro's.

While amped, it is on par with my 5.5th gen (with my DIY silver line-out-dock). I'd even venture to say that the 2nd gen iPod, while amped sounds better than my 5.5th gen while amped.

Just to be complete, I decided to try it amped and unamped with my DT770s. Results were amazing. Not only does the 2nd gen drive the cans better, but they seem to come alive more while amped. With the 5.5gen, they again, sounded like amped cans.

Bottom line: If tubes and vinals are any indication, they don't make them like they used to.

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