~$80 LIGHT/OOSE headphones w/ detachable cord?
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Sep 15, 2015
I had HD 428 sennheizers ~$35 and they sounded good to me but the cord wasn't long enough. I used an adapter to make it longer and it became finicky, had to have it perfect or sound was lost or distorted, a real PITA. I don't want to open them and solder in a longer wire if it's even possible. I just bought monoprice 8323s with detachable 10' cord, and hate them. I'm returning them. Yes they sound great for $25 shipped new but they're too heavy and mainly too tight. I bent the shjt outa the headband to make them looser but they are still too tight and I don't even have a huge head. Also, the way each headphone swivels and folds is pointless for me. I have to play with them every time I put them on so they're not folded up and stuff.

I'm looking for the following criteria and hope to get $80 suggestions. l hope there's parts available for them in case a speaker blows or something. I hope they have a long warranty too. thanks.

Thick detachable cord and comes with 10' cord or has to be a universal 1/8 jack so I can get a 10' off ebay (does cord brand/quality matter?). I don't want a monopoly type jack that makes the cord cost like $20.

light and loose.

Not bass heavy at all. I have EQ for that.

padded top head band, no leather parts.

Closed back and noise isolating. I don't want sound to exit the headphone. For noise canceling vs isolating, either should be ok but I don't need to spend more just for noise canceling.

Oval headphone, circle ones underlap my ears sometimes and I don't even have huge ears.
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NVX XPT1000, Gemini HSR-1000 come to mind. Not sure what to do about the cable though.
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Thanks but I'm just going to stick with these monoprices. I bent the **** outa them to make them less tight. Have to keep them trained stretched on a basketball or something or else bend before each day's use. If you have these and want to bend them make sure you only apply pressure to the center piece of the head strap of course so you don't crack the two hard plastic pieces that connect into that. I bent it all the way to a W and it didn't crank. The swiveling and folding ear pieces are still beyond annoying though I might have to super glue them in place.
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In conclusion,  I'm returning these and I do not recommend them. Monoprice says return for any reason within 30 days. They are maid for like gumby's head, the fit is terrible. I got used to them and didn't really notice. I often bang my head listening to music. Yeah sometimes headphones will fall of like that but these are real bad even not banging my head, you have to like keep your head upright or they'll shift and it's not because I had to bend the shjt outa them to make them larger. I put my sennheizers on and they fit so so nice (the cord is not long enough though and the extension adapter is finicky plus the cord is like dental floss ). I will shop around check reviews etc for detachable 10 foot cord ones. I asked like 3 times on like 5 forums got a few suggestions. I might open up the sennheizers and solder in an extension cord.  I think the monoprices might sound better than these low end sennheizers, well, they definitely are louder so it might just be that tricking me. I can't quickly change between them to compare without a popup asking me what type of speaker device I plugged in. Anyway, buy with caution based on the fit, and the stupit folding headphones.

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