Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by djcarpentier, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. djcarpentier
  2. kraken2109
    Please don't spread misinformation.
  3. djcarpentier
    Kickstarter cancelled
  4. andrewberge
    Not canceled. Just moved.
  5. GasMaskMan
    The goals for the project are ridiculously high.
  6. andrewberge
    Yes. And their presentation isn't great.
    But if they can make something as good as the PC version, my $25 is well spent.
  7. julian67

    Sigmund says:

    "It's a bad a case of Pono Envy as has ever been seen. It couldn't stay up and there will be no consummation or issue."
  8. djcarpentier
    Dude, that's a burly user picture.

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