70mm drivers too much?
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Sep 24, 2013
So I blew one of my drivers on my Sony XB500's after (literally) 3 years of having them. Now that I can afford something (possibly) more upscale, I went ahead to just replace the entire headphones with a new headphone. I then came across the XB1000's.
The XB1000's has 70mm drivers, but with lower impedance levels (24 vs my XB500's 40) and a high power handling capacity (3000mW vs my XB500's 1000mW), would it make the XB1000's a bit more reliable yes? They look amazing; the size is almost reminiscent of the hilariously unaffordable Sennheiser HD800's. But since the earpads - I mean pillows - are larger than my XB500's, I would be sacrificing sound quality, and I would look a bit pretentious wearing them.
I would enjoy purchasing something like a Denon D2K or a Bang & Olufsen H6 (or just something in that range of pricing), but after owning my XB500's, I could never go back to the thin rim earpad design because I literally used my XB500's as pillows and chin resters, and even earmuffs (Yes they worked incredibly well in cold conditions, so I saved about $20 on winter clothing). 
I have tried Sony MDR-X10's (the Simon Cowell ones), but despite the positive reviews on comfort, my ears were too big to have all of it sit within the rim. So with 70mm drivers, the XB1000's will fit perfectly with my ear I suppose.
The only problem I found with the XB1000's is that I will have to buy a set of earbuds, and I already set my mind on V-Moda Vibe II's for ~2 years now, which are $100.
What are your opinions about people with 2 speakers attached to both ears with a band connecting the both of them? 
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Heh. That's like most headphones I own.
Especially the AKG Q/K 7xx's. My gosh it literally takes up half the side of my face. To think I thought the audio technica headphones were big at first too...

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