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7/26/14 Seattle Redhook Meet impressions

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  1. Soundsgoodtome
    Attended another local meet today...
    Santana live at the Whiteriver Amphitheater Awesome concert and first time at a Santana concert. Dude is 67 and doesn't quite have the speed 10-15 years ago but..still amazing.


    Fantastic sound quality from the legend himself (wore some cotton stuffed comply tips to lower DBs). Took em off for Europa and a couple of quieter tracks but definitely miles ahead of Motley Crew last week when I got overnight tinnitus.
  2. Soundsgoodtome
    Fingers crossed for non-conflicting schedules with big meets! Hoping to get more mot reps in. And bigger venue.

    Thanks Gil! You the man!

    We can have more reps. Just pm me to get the ball rolling. Just do not like to waste someones time if there is no interest. Also gives me time to attend to their needs.
  4. Soundsgoodtome
    Just in general and for the guys that were going to show but couldn't because of the megashow date conflicts. Noble and Mr Speakers to name a few.
    You know we are some of the luckiest Head-fiers. If somebody does not make a meet. That is OK. We have another one around the corner. We have more meets than anywhere else in Head-Fi. We have the dedicated Head-fiers up like no where else. You are in great company. Better meets are always coming.....
  6. miceblue
    Speaking of new amps, I received these yesterday. If someone wants to try one before the next meet, I'd be more than happy to lend one out.
    ^ blue is the 450 milliwatt model, red is the 1 watt model

    I'm lending the red one to Barra first since the HeadAmp HE-560 touring unit is headed his direction soon and we were both curious to see how well the Geek Out goes with it.
    That should be in a new thread??? That is not an impression???
  8. Equus
    Looks like I missed a good one.  Hopefully I can make the next one, and hopefully with a small cheap LCD or something to help with setup.
    You got an LF?  Nice!  Will be fun to listen to it in someone else's rig.
  9. Ham Sandwich
    I know.  I'm still in disbelief.  [​IMG]
    I'd been thinking Cobalt, Glass?  Cobalt or Glass?  Then a used LF popped up for sale here in Portland and my indecision got made for me.  Impossible to resist.  And used is more affordable than new.
    I'm grinning like a fool listening to it.  The same way I grinned every time I heard yours at a meet.
    If only I'd gotten it a week earlier I could have brought it up to Seattle and tried the Abyss with it...
  10. Ham Sandwich
    I've also been thinking about the computer setup for meets.  Thinking about how to make the setup easier for people to just sit in front of and play sample tracks without getting confused or having any difficulties operating it.
    I did weed out part of my library so there wouldn't be so much music to wade through.  But there was still over 2000 albums.  Should I weed out more?  Or is an excess of choices of music better?  I did notice that people were choosing a variety of music to play.  Stuff that I wouldn't normally put in a pared down minimal demo music library.  Choice would seem to be good.  My music preferences aren't everyone's preferences.
    I was also thinking about setting up an Android tablet as an option for browsing the music library and selecting what to play.  JRiver has a Gizmo Android app for browsing and selecting music.  But I'd need to set up a local network and a wi-fi connection to get that to work.  A bit messy to try to do that for a meet.  Would it be worth it?
    I can also do Foobar if a Foobar setup might be easier for people.  I prefer using JRiver, especially for organizing and finding what you play in a large library.  But JRiver can be a bit confusing.  Foobar can be confusing too, depending on the skin.
    My setup was the Windows laptop sitting on an Ikea shelf with a Schiit Lyr below the shelf.  
  11. miceblue
    Maybe we can all have a set playlist that will be consistent for everyone in the room. That way each person trying a rig can have the same songs to listen to at their fingertips.

    Here are some well-made, high-quality songs that are free to download.

    As on the front page of Head-Fi:
    "use the Head-Fi-exclusive 20% discount code UHDD20 to get 20% off"

    or this album that was made specifically for Head-Fiers (the HD resolution album is at very affordable price of just $9)
  12. Soundsgoodtome
    If only we can get HDTracks to get on a Head-Fi meet special.. like 50% off for the week of the meet. Gather all our orders together and send em all in at once. Of course we'd request a banner or poster to put up at the meet too.. just an idea for a playlist discount.
  13. MKTRV6

    Hi Justin,
    What model of Audio-GD amp were we listening to your K701's through?  I really liked the sound of my T1's on that setup.
  14. Equus

    And here I thought you didn't want to go into the $2k price range.  :)  For better or worse, the LF is pretty hard to mess up, since tube rolling hasn't been all that noticeable in my limited experience.  Like most amps, pairing with a DAC that compliments it well will definitely help.  I haven't had that much of a chance to try different DACs since I got the LF other than my BADA and Josh's Skylla.
    I'd love to hear a Liquid Glass at some point.  Looks like the spiritual successor to the old Stacker with all the tube options.
    I've been using JRemote for iOS with my setup at the meets, and it works pretty decently since while it requires a WiFi connection, it basically can run off it's own local WiFi with no connection to the internet or anything.  I have this tiny little pocket WiFi transmitter that I've been using.  The only hassles I've had were pretty "normal" computer hassles...network addresses changing, issues on bootup, etc.  Should be easily solved if I just bring a small monitor to plug in for initial bootup and troubleshooting, then I can disconnect it after things are running smooth.  No experience with Gizmo, so I'm not sure if that can do the same thing or if it needs an actual internet connection, but I can't really believe it would.   Would make more sense if it worked as a networked part of the LAN, just via WiFi.
  15. Ham Sandwich
    Technically I haven't gone past the $2K price yet.  Just like how my LCD-2 didn't pass the psychological $1K barrier.  [​IMG]
    I was and am willing to.
    What's frightens me about that is I have turntable wants in my future.
    I haven't heard the Liquid Glass yet either.  Really curious if it has similar sonic magic that I hear in the LF.
    The next meet is going to be fun.
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