6922 Tube Review - 17 Top 6922 6N23P E88CC CCa 7308 E188CC tubes
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I was recently testing some Siemens in my T2. The CCa silver shield from your link are good tubes, but I did not find them outstanding. The asked price I find way too high. I also tested Siemems E88CC silver shield A-frame getter, which I found similar to the CCa silver shield. I returned both.
IMO the real deal are the Siemens grey shields from the 60s. In my T2 I have now a pair of CCa grey shields and a pair of standard E88CC grey shields. They are exactly the same tubes, just that the CCa are the best selected ones. Between my two pairs I could not find a big sonic difference (tbc, as I have them just since few days).
The grey shields are very dynamic and precise sounding, very tight and in comparison slightly on the leaner side. I can definetely recommend them for T2, they are awsome.
This is great info! Do you have any sellers for the gray shields you recommend? I do see some place called Cali Acoustics that claims to have the CCA in stock as well?
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The seller of my pair grey shield CCa had only this one pair. I paid 350€ for a matched pair with as new measurements. I had to search and wait for that offer, easy find them for double the price. And there seems to be fakes of the CCa out there.
The standard E88CC grey I saw for about 200-250€ for a NOS pair. But I have no source, sorry.
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The first ones seem to be silver, the second grey shield.

This guy from austria was selling good CCa to some I know. A grey was 330-350€, so not cheap either. Not sure what he currently in stock.
Max Koschuh also has some Telefunken CCa on offer, for example http://www.koschuh.com/Telefunken-E88CC/index.htm

Siemens & Halske CCa are available in abundance and can be requested.
A small selection can be seen on eBay https://www.ebay.de/sch/i.html?icon...=maxkoschuhonlineshop&_oac=1&_sop=3&_svsrch=1

The delivery of my approx. 15 CCa and other NOS E88CC was always reliable and with measurement protocol.

My final personal favourites out of 5 x CCa were 4 x Siemens & Halske + 1 x Telefunken.

I think it's worth travelling into the world of CCa.
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Thanks all! :k701smile: I was looking at these four https://www.soundlumia.com/products...-munich-1965-nos?_pos=5&_psq=cca&_ss=e&_v=1.0 but was concerned that they were two matched pairs, as opposed to a matched quad for use in a balanced amplifier (T2). Are there any issues with going with two matched pairs for an amp as opposed to a matched quad? Am I better off to "mix" in order to have the "total" values be the same per side? Or match per side? Or simply avoid tubes not matched in a quad?
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The T2 only needs matched pairs per channel. No need to fixate on a quad.
That's interesting! I do not really understand how these things work. Wouldn't one pair being "higher" than the other result in a channel imbalance? In my head, I'm picturing the higher measuring side as having "more power" but this is probably not accurate since clearly I do not understand tube measurements.
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The offer from the link you posted previously shows a matched pair of Siemens CCa (Gray Shield) which is highly overpriced. 994 USD is way to much. You can get a similar matched pair from time to time from one of the reputable sellers on Ebay for 400-450 USD.
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cause i wanted something as tuby and syrupy as possible

Amperex Orange Globe 6EJ8/ECC88 are beautifully warm and beautiful (but I wouldn't call extremely syrupy). I have a clean matched pair in original boxes that came to me NOS (1967 or 68) last year and were very briefly used in a VAC preamp until I switched to Soviet 6N23P's. I have extensive documentation. PM if you'd like talk about them.
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what does CCa mean? better then regular CC tubes, but why? Haven't all these NOS tubes been pretty cheap (disregarding inflation) back then? why are the most expensive new stock tubes, let's say 260/matched pair worse then a dozen NOS tubes?
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Those '71 Reflektors are 6n23p's? Do they have the dual dimpled plate getter posts?

The ones you want to try were only made in two years '74 and '75. These are the very rare Reflektor 6n23p with a single curved wire getter post. In '75 they only made the silver shield version - these are my 'Holy Grail' tubes. In '74 they made a silver and gray shield version - with SWGP - both very good. But the silver's are better and 2nd only to the HGs for the 6n23p family - imho. Some folks like the '74 silver's better. These have become extremely rare.

Even rarer still are a version of the HGs made only for export - they are what I run exclusively right now. The rarest of the rare. Finding Siemens CCa's horseshoe getters, Tele CCa's or Valvo CCa Yellow's is a breeze compared to finding these.

To my ears these export only HGs are the finest tube I have ever heard.
what are HGs?

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