64 bit Linux audio player + buffer options?
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Mar 9, 2008
I am wondering if there is a 64 bit Linux audio player out there with built in I/O buffer in samples, number of audio buffers, and buffer size to adjust latency in ALSA.
It would be great if the I/O buffer size in samples could go as low as 16, number of audio buffers as low as 1, and buffer size as low as 1ms (or better yet in decimals).
Audacious only has the buffer size option from 100ms to 10000ms. Why won't it allow below 100ms?
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Fatdog64-521 has an "audio-all-in-one-amd64-10.sfs" with Qtrctrl to change latency settings but for some reason after using it and opening audacious, qtrctrl doesn't recognize audacious as a music player I can connect to nor does audacious has a jack output plugin that I thought could connect to qtrctrl so how do I make this work? Has anyone tried this?

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