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A buddy of mine loaned them to me on a one hour train ride and I tried them out, both straight of my iPhone and with my Fiio e17. Basically, they do not need an amp to sound good. You defitely get your money's worth running them out of a player. However, soundstage does slightly increase and thr bass does gain better texture with the use of an external amp. Personally I don't see the logic in using amps with iem's that are intended to be portable.
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You don't need one. There are some benefits as PanamaHat mentioned though it's not crucial or a requirement. My touch drives them just fine. Trust me, if you don't need an amp, that's often a good thing. The novelty of charging and lugging around two separate pieces of gear strapped together wears of reeaal quick.

Think of it as you've been spared the hassle and cost. :p

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