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  3. Jupiterknight
    I have been listening the Seer for a couple of days. I'm literally still digesting the music. It contains so many references that it's almost mind blowing. All I can say, Swans finally created a master piece and it took them 30 years to do so. IMO One of the the best post-punk/rock/industrial etc. albums released this year and I have a feeling that it will become a "classic".
  4. one-eyed-xander
    Very excited to hear it. Better than "White Light"? That album is amazing.
    I've seen Michael Gira in concert. Sorry for the repetition, but he was amazing then too.
    What a voice. What a talent.
    He's almost like Nick Cave's American brother. That's a good thing.
  5. Jupiterknight
    I actually haven't listened to "White Light.." for a long time since I only have it on vinyl, but I do remember that I liked it a lot when it came out around twenty years ago. I feel that the Seer adds another twenty years of musical reference to the mix that Gira et al. can "play" around with.
    So each album are absolutely great in their own frame of time.
  6. Calexico
    I listened to The Seer once a few days ago. It was certainly very good and I will revisit it. Listening to it is a pretty big commitment. I might go see them in concert in Chicago if I like it enough.

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