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Jun 23, 2001
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Jun 23, 2001
No, I don't have that many tubes. Yet.

I'm talking about 6072-type tubes... aka 12AY7.

I haven't heard any mention of these on HeadFi, but since I got a pair in combination with some other tubes I won on eBay, I figured I'd post my tube-rolling results... The ones in question are (NOS) GE 5-Star 6072s...

I'm not sure if I like them or not. They definitely don't have the gain of the 12AX7s/5751s/7025s. They definitely sound better out of the transformer jack with NF off... OTL mode doesn't sound right; the upper mids are all fuzzy. And I'm not using W100s

But using transformer-coupled mode, the upper mids, and (come to think of it) *all* the mids and treble have a very nice, clear, airy property, something I've seen with most military-type tubes with the possible exception of the Tung-Sol 5751.

Guitar work is nice and clear, but I could say that of nearly any tube I've tried. The bass is there - big, definitely, but I'm not really sure if I'd call it terribly well controlled, or deep.

When I switch over to my reference Rayethon 5751 (in tranny mode w/o feedback, of course; gotta be fair), the increase in gain is pretty noticeable. Also, I can tell the 6072 runs quite a bit hotter than the Rayethon...

The highs sound a bit sibliant in comparison, and those mids and highs don't quite have the clarity of the 6072! This is highly unexpected. And in comparison with the 6072, the Rayethon has relatively recessed bass... A bit of further listening points me in the direction of the 6072 having boomy bass. Oh well...

But in any case, I have to do homework now. But this tube definitely bears investigation... I'd love to see what a good, say, Telefunken could do in the form of a 6072 if the GE bests the Ray in places...
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