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  1. Qoweg
  2. neopac
    you could start with a musiland monitor 02 ... it´s not really a DAC (it´s an external soundcard with built in headamp ... it can´t process spidf coax or toslink singnal only usb) but it´s great! value for the money (~120$) ... search the forum, you´ll find nothing else but praise. Another plus for this little thing is, that you don´t need to ditch it when upgrading your chain, because it is also an excellent usb -> spdif transport.
  3. BigMango
    Yes, forget about your onboard sound.
    Within your budget I suggest you to save up 100$ more for:
    Audio-GD FUN version A at 340$:
    If 340$ is too much, get the basic version for 190$.
    And if you need something smaller:
    Audio-GD Sparrow at 235$ (version A) or 150$ (basic version)

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