420$/377€ Recommendation (EU)
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Jul 20, 2019
(Yes, this is my 2nd thread, since i couldnt decide what to get from that thread and everything was very controversional i'll ask for comparisons mostly and if there are better options than what i wrote, if you saw the first thread just scroll to the bottom)

NOTE! I am in EU, so if you are going to recommend something from USA etc. please change the amazon.com to amazon.de . The price diffrences are incredible!

+ if something is avalible to buy from USA(amazon.com or massdrop etc.) i can buy that too if the price is reasonable with shipping included.

Budget : 420$/377€ (DAC/AMP included)

Source/Amp: GA-AB350-Gaming Motherboard (i can get a DAC/AMP if needed [included in budget]) (I found fiio e10k for 69€/77$)

How the gear will be used: For home use, isolated room so open (if they have good soundstage/imaging it can be closed too). For music genres below and lots of RPG-singleplayer games (normally lots of competitive but i had a burnout)

Preferred tonal balance: I dont really know how it should be but i listen to lots of metal and i would love hearing drums banging

Preferred music genres: Lots of metal, some jazz, acustic chill guitar/chill-EDM rarely

Past gear experience: Only used cheap pair of samsung and beats stuff (hated the beats), some kicker and old sennheisers my brother left

What aspect of your current listening experience would you like to improve: i use rn sound like crap, i want good drums and comfort for long sessions

Other stuff

-is the price diffrence in DT 990 Pro(122€/137$) and Premium(159€/178$) worth it? (ik this was answered but i want to hear from more people, some say its worth some say its just build quality)

-which one is better for metal/RPG's; 58X or 6XX ?

The important stuff:

-DT 770 Pro(119€/133$) vs AKG K702(109€/122$) vs any other recommendation you do

-Fiio E10K(69€/77$) vs JDS Labs Atom(edit: 133~€/150~$ customs included) vs Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd gen(89€/100$) vs MassDrop Objective(71€/80$[+16$ customs]) vs any other recommendation you do

-DT 990 Premium(159€-178$) vs AKG K712 Pro(204€-232$) vs HD 6XX(209€/235$[+45$ customs]) vs any other recommendation you do

-I like beyerdynamics looks a lot, i might get one from the DT's, 770 Pro vs 990 Premium and why which one's better

Or should i just cloud alpha's for 70€/80$ and not deal with this stuff... Im kinda overwhelmed.

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