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$400 headphones with FAKE Leather the new trend?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by denon2010, Nov 19, 2015.
  1. Denon2010
    Sort of surprised that consumers are supporting this trend, the Denon MM400 is fake leather, OPPO PM-3 another $400 headphone made of fake leather.
    These headphones in general cost $20 to make in China, don't you think the least they could do for this price is use actual genuine leather? who wants to spend $400 on cans and have some fake leather crack and cut your ears in just a few years?
    Its not like their profit margins are tiny that they can't afford to use real leather and when they do use real leather they jack up the price to $1000 somehow justifying $5 of leather for $600
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    It's not all about profit margins, there's also market appeal. Some people prefer fake leather because otherwise somebody might toss blood at the person wearing the headphone (figuratively speaking) the same way that wearing a fur coat can get someone to toss paint or blood at it because apparently 101 Dalmatians has a a sequel based in Argentina featuring 101 Cattle. Some brands even use the term "vegan leather" now because steak is Hitler or something (surprise - he ate more sauerkraut than sausages).
    In any case just because it isn't real leather doesn't mean it's not durable. The PM-3 has barely been around the time period you assume it will start cracking and cutting your skin, and my older car has had the same fake leather seats since 1999. These have had more friction with more materials (denim, wool, nylon, rubber, whatever my clothes and bags are made of, plastic bags, skin, etc), and in terms of exposure to acidic fluids, I drive home with windows open after a late night game (not everyone plays in indoor areas with shower rooms open late) of basketball, and also football; add to that how much coffee and soda have accidentally spilled on those seats. Then there are all the times that my car bakes under the sun.
  3. Denon2010
    ^ so whats the condition of your leather seats now? my idea of fake leather is well like samsung S5 faux leather that starts turning white in a couple years.
    I have a sofa home made from fake leather and its so bad now if you sit on it you can bleed due to the sharp cracks. hmmm
    Not sure about vegan maniacs dude, I eat my steak whenever I can cause its delicious. Not sure whats up with some of these lunatics, nothing wrong if the animal is raised decent and killed humanely, that is bullet to the head. I fully understand not buying fur from China because Chinese skin those animals alive.
    But you can't exactly skin a cow alive nor would it really make sense to do so. Can you imagine skinning a cow alive? that **** would be impossible and pointless.
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    The only visible wear on my seats are on on the raised seams. Apart from that everything is still otherwise structurally intact, no tears and scratches (like from buttons or buckles) aren't even visible. I wipe Armor All to clean them every few weeks and then Meguiar's interior panel protector once a year.
    I'll put it this way - one restaurant I eat at (I'm an omnivore, and like a bear eats berries for breakfast then chomp down on some guy's face later in the day I eat everything) has a poster with two kittens mourning a dead milkfish because "beings don't eat other beings!" Meanwhile a block away from that restaurant a stray cat sprinted across the street ahead of me, with a rat in its mouth still trying to get away. I didn't bother explaining that you're supposed to share the fish with the cat, which needs taurine (one reason why pet cats live longer: their vision doesn't deteriorate along with the much smaller chances that they'd get run over or eaten), and when the time comes, mourn the cat, as I was too busy eating deep fried tofu.
    I can't even imagine how that can be done considering the animals will squirm around and ruin the swath of skin.
  5. Denon2010
    ^ hmm kk well maybe these fake leather will be of similar high quality.
    If you have the stomach for it you can just type in chinese fur farms in youtube, they have a video of how they skin animals alive, they do it pretty easily apparently. The Chinese believe the more the animals suffer the better the meat tastes.
    So you can find plenty videos of chinese beating dogs to death with baseball bats. Boiling dogs and cats alive, skinning even German Shepperd alive because to them pain makes the meat taste better, some sort of crazy ass belief. I still try to understand how anyone can throw a living dog in a huge pot of boiling water.
    I would stop buying anything made in China, sadly not only is everything made in China but I would be the only idiot in this process. And being a scientific person I don't believe in nonsense like change starts with me.
  6. 329161
    I own both the mm400 and pm3 and I was a bit miffed about the non leather pads as well. But I think the synthetic material seals better around the ears. The pm3 isolates as well as some active nc headphones I've used. Doesn't hurt to save a few cows as well :thumbsup:
  7. vapman
    You lose a good number of the vegetarian market and all the vegan market if you use real leather. This population is ever increasing and catering to them by doing things like selling products without leather in it can actually boost your sales.  It's proven. There are also people who eat meat and buy nice cars but choose cloth over leather.
    Can you post a source on these live animal skinnings?
  8. Denon2010
    Since  you asked nicely, but do you have the stomach to watch out all 6 minutes? yes sir skinning animals alive is a part of that fine Chinese culture. I wonder what it feels like to be skinned alive? or boiled alive? how painful is it really? Makes you wonder...
  9. vapman
    I stand corrected. Will watch after lunch break though :wink:

    I wouldn't have the heart to skin even a dead animal, but this thread is about fake leather not my diet choices.
  10. cskippy
    Maybe put a spoiler tag and or put in bold GRAPHIC NSFW.

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